Wilderness Adventures

Black River Gatehouse Teaching Lodge

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My particular property was the homestead and farm of a local family for 150 years up until the 1940’s. Since then, the area has naturally regenerated from the extensive logging in the last century and a major forest fire which swept through in the late 1920’s.

The Black River Gatehouse is both the name of my company and a Physical Location, a 3 hour drive from the concrete jungles of Toronto. The property straddles a meandering old River, surrounded by a Wild Lands Provincial Park in the area known as “The Land Between”.

The only road into the Black River Gatehouse weaves along the river, into deep forest, through intense wetlands and up over the rock of the Canadian shield.  This is a place where Deer, Moose, and Bear still wander and the Great Blue Heron nests in the spring.

The design direction of our Teaching Lodge, living quarters, and other working buildings on the Black River Gatehouse has been through a long path led me to the system called permaculture. Permaculture design encourages the restoration of balance to the eco-systems which support us through common sense application, ecological principles, and strategies. The result is and environment that is sustainable, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing. The integrated process of design draws inspiration from natural ecology,  and indigenous approaches to the land as well as modern scientific and architectural research.

The final draft of the Black River Gatehouse building project(s) will soon be available, check in with us regularly, or sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of our design and implementation of our buildings, and to see how you can participate in the building process.

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Wilderness Adventures

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The Black River Gatehouse hosts regular 3-5 day wilderness expeditions. The property is NE of Orillia and a three hour drive from Toronto. It is a unique opportunity to work and learn in the field with an experienced Plant Medicine Person.


Harvesting expeditions have you living in the woods for a few days, camping on the land to harvest and process our Provincial Plant Medicines. We will camp in tents under the stars, cook fabulous and healthy food on the campfire, and swim in the river. We will learn about Herbal Medicine, Permaculture Design, connecting with nature spirits and much more.

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Spiritual retreats;

Linda invites you to go with her to her land, to take up the rhythm of the natural environment and be fully present with each moment. She invites you to “stop”, and go into the deepest part of yourself to clarify life’s confusions, to make decisions from a grounded and whole place.

Linda works with each individual to customize their journey and experience to make it a truly life changing opportunity. Sweats, Drum Circles, and many other Native American rituals, as well as Plant Medicine/Bodywork Healing sessions take place on this land. We invite you to take a next step in your own personal journey.