Teaching & Herb Walks

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I teach by doing, developing relationships with the plant world based on firsthand experience. Respectful connection develops knowledge that leads to understanding. The plant medicines are waiting for us. And it’s time to get busy. There is work to do!
Have a look at the classes I am outlining this year.

See if any call to you…

1383249_203929319788237_905969885_nLocal Medicine Plants in the field

For $50 per session, Linda Rose offers practical classes for harvest of medicinal and other uses. A scale of pricing is available for enthusiastic students. To Sign up for any of the subjects which call to you, click on the active links and we will contact you to confirm your course schedule with a deposit.

Most classes include:

Identifying local medicinal herbs, collecting Herbs in the City and in the wilderness, using medicinal herbs to heal ourselves drying or preserving medicinal herbs, wilderness camping,
food and medicine.

We eat together sharing food. Toronto local classes are held in the Broadview Danforth neighborhoods. The classes are held as a potluck; Everyone brings food for the meal; we eat together, sharing the food, and the experience.

horsechestnut-flowerscoltsfootpicture-bspIntroduction to using our Local Medicinal Herbs

We offer long term courses; 3 Months provides a more in depth education on using Medicinal Herbs.
We will learn to develop Sacred relationships with plants, we will make tea and tell stories. We will taste Tinctures, make creams and develop flower remedies. We will learn about healing in a sacred manner, using the tools of the Herbal and Shamanic paths.

Classes are held as a potluck where everyone brings food to add to the meal.

Herb Walks Don Valley to York Regional Forests  sumach

A regular Herb walk will be held on a monthly basis, check with our calendar of events to see if you are able to join us soon.

We walk in to the edge of the Don Valley, and then down into the Riverdale neighborhood to the Historic Bain Co-op’s award winning gardens. The purpose of these Herb Walks is changing; while Plant Identification remains an important part of the walks, the presentation has also expanded to include information on how things work in the natural world, what plants grow together, the order of a regeneration of a natural area and some ideas on why plants grow where they do.

These walks will illustrate what is already happening in he regeneration of these areas, by the York regional Forests Managers and will illustrate what remains to be done. Join us for these walks and participate in this cutting edge perspective on what grows around us.

20131128-Elevated-Wetlands dogweed plant Bain Co-op