Healing Activities

“I am a Plant Medicine Woman, Healer, and Teacher.

I offer a bridge to Personal Healing, another way of being.” – Linda Rose


Cranial Sacral Body work is most of all, a hands-on therapy
Using gentle pressure and deep patience, the Practitioner guides the clients body to a more comfortable position. This approach to Bodywork can be helpful for people with old injuries, back pain, individual joint and/or soothing postural misalignment. The soothing, restful nature of this Bodywork can also be useful for those suffering from insomnia and other challenges to the nervous system.

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Healing Wilderness AdventuresBRG Panorama 2

We offer a unique opportunity to work and learn in the field with an experienced Plant Medicine Person, connecting with nature spirits and much more.

We camp on the land for 4 days; we cook our food on a campfire and swim in the beautiful clear Black River, named for it’s dark clay bottom. We learn about he wilderness, basic survival skills, and Wild Crafting Medicinal Plants.

Healing at the Black River Gatehouse is powerful, for when we come back to the land we remember who we really are. We find ourselves again through the silence of the Wild and the silence deep within ourselves where the answers are.

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Join us throughout the warmer months for building, camping, and ceremony. Updates are regularly available on this site, or join our mailing list to be advised of every upcoming opportunity.

All visits are personalized to assist you on your healing journey.


Herb Walks
sumach  dogweed plant  horsechestnut-flowers

During the summer months Linda Rose offers Walks through the Toronto Riverdale and Don Valley neighborhoods. Budding horticulturalists learn about how to locate, harvest, and use local medicinal plants to create teas and tinctures, flower essences and remedies.

Classes are held based on sign up and Linda’s availability, please indicate your interest by sending a note through our email sign up sheet.