Private Practice

Personal appointments, Classes, and Speaking engagements are available with Linda Rose, covering a variety of topics;

Cranial Sacral Body work is most of all a Hand’s On TherapyDSCN0695 copyDSCN0687 copyDSCN0660




Classes and Training in Cranial Sacral Bodywork

 IMG_0322Using gentle pressure and deep patience, the Practitioner guides the clients body to a more comfortable position.

This approach to bodywork can be helpful with old injuries, back pain, individual joint, and/or overall postural misalignment.

The soothing, restful nature of this bodywork can also be useful for those suffering from insomnia and other challenges to the nervous system.

You will learn through discussion, study, and practical application how to use gentle Cranial Sacral Bodywork techniques for health, happiness, and spiritual awakening.


Medicines from the Plant World         IMG_6306

Teachings on how to use our local plant medicines include: planting and growing, plant identification and medicinal uses, harvesting, drying and preserving. regular classes ad herb walks take place in the city and outside for the duration of the growing seasons. Groups can book Linda for a direct herb walk and talk.

Emotional Healing with Flower Remedieswilderness

Flower Remedies can be an incredible tool for emotional, mental, and even spiritual healing. As an important component of every type of class, all students are taught basic flower remedy systems and given a personal consultation within the first few classes of a series.
The purpose of Flower Remedies is to bring internal balance, allowing you to delve further into your study of all things. Often the process of finding remedies for each individual in a group is one of the greatest tools to familiarize students with the system of Flower Remedies and how they work in a personal way.

california-white-sage-smudge-stickHealing Through Personal Ceremonies

Ceremony is a time honored way to gain understanding and healing. These sessions will provide directions and ongoing personal support. Smudge ceremonies, Drum Ceremonies, and Card readings of various kinds may also be included. Personal Ceremonies and use of Herbal Medicines and/or Flower Remedies with teachings and tools from the Shamanic Traditions may also be used. The aim is to assist in finding your own path to Healing.