The Black River Gatehouse is both the name of my company and a Physical Location, a 3 hour drive from the concrete jungles of Toronto. The property straddles a meandering old River, surrounded by a Wild Lands Provincial Park in the area known as "The Land Between". Linda Rose is a Plant Medicine Woman, Healer and Teacher. Offering a bridge to profound Personal Healing, another way of being.


In the summer months for many years Linda has hosted Wilderness retreats at the Black River Gatehouse, while harvesting the plant medicines and teaching their use for healing and ceremony. Linda Rose offers local “Herb Walks” through the neighborhoods of Toronto, to teach about our local useful herbs and plants, and how to cultivate and safely harvest them. During the winter months Linda Rose offers classes in Toronto on Plant Medicine, Vibrational Flower Essences, and Cranial Sacral healing of issues like PTS, Accidents, and injuries.

Linda offers unique individual and group classes in Toronto focusing on her greatest areas of expertise; Plant Medicine, creating and usage of Vibrational Flower Essences, and healing of issues like Post Traumatic stress, and physical injury through Cranial Sacral Bodywork.
Linda Rose offers personal sessions and Spiritual Retreats for healing of Mind, Body and Spirit. Through Cranial Sacral Therapeutic Bodywork, her own Herbal and Vibrational Remedies from Local Plants, and Teachings from Shamanic traditions Linda can assist you in finding a Balanced path to Healing.
On the land
Black River Gatehouse Wilderness retreats offer an escape from the city while harvesting and teaching guests about the Wild Plant Medicines. It serves as a Spiritual Place for many types of Healing and Ceremonies.

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Linda Rose
E-mail: info@blackrivergatehouse.ca Phone: (416) 469-5907

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